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12/3 - Legends of Comics and Games, Cupertino (1-5)
12/10 - Games Unlimited (1-4)
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Why do the teams change on every turn?
Because in Petaluma, on Easter of 2003, Tammy Cotter protested when her sons, Kevin and Paul, tried to play on the same team for a board game. She felt that together they had an unfair advantage over the rest of the family and it reduced the level of enjoyment for everyone. Kevin's solution was to create this highly social, collaborative game where the teams change on every turn!
Solve odd comparisons like:
Which is greater? The length of a Twinkie or the length of the largest cockroach ever found.

Solve riddles:
These two words sound alike but have different meanings. One is used in church and the other is used to change the Bible.
Debate "important" issues:
Would Daffy or Donald Duck last longer on Survivor?

Answer general knowledge trivia:
What product gives you that “pow, pow, powerful, good, good feeling?”

Who said this?
Did Dan Quayle or Charlie McCarthy say this? "I love California, I practically grew up in Phoenix."

Personal Trivia:
Did I experience my first kiss before or after the fall of the Berlin Wall?

And our favorite part of the game:
Tell your favorite jokes and funny stories to make the opposing team laugh. If they do, your team scores a point. How fun is that?

Buy Roundabout Five
at 60 retailers around the bay area
or on-line through our eBay store.
Roundabout Five includes the following game pieces:
· 10 dice
· 2 one-minute sand timers
· 160 red game cards in red box
· 160 blue game cards in blue box
· 1 red game card sleeve
· 1 blue game card sleeve
· 40 Second Option cards
· 100 Personal Score Sheets

Additional score sheets are available here
Information on free booster sets
Get a copy of the new rules here
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